Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Perfume Glossary: Chanel #19 - Cinnabar

perfume glossary
We’re continuing our series of blogs that looks at the designer type perfumes we sell. Get in depth on some of these timeless fragrances!

Chanel #19. Chanel #19 dates back to 1971, introduced in part to celebrate Coco Chanel’s birth date of August 19th. Henri Robert, who started creating perfumes in 1925 was the master behind this scent, the second last in his lineage. Chanel #19 is a fragrant blend of galbanum, neroli, jasmine, rose, iris, bergamot, lily of the valley, sandalwood, musk and leather. Think the deep woods in late spring.

Chanel #5. One of the oldest designer type fragrance that we offer. Chanel #5 is the first perfume launched by Coco Chanel. The fragrance, born on May 5, 1921, Chanel #5 paid homage to the “flapper” generation, a liberated fun woman who was well ahead of her time. Coco Chanel grew up under strict care from nuns and loved the free spirit of the flapper. The fragrance has lasted almost a century and remains popular due to its sensual blend of jasmine, neroli, May rose, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and vanilla.

Charles of the Ritz. Charles of the Ritz was created in 1977 for women and is often hard to find. Charles of the Ritz is an Oriental Floral fragrance with top notes of pineapple, orange blossom, aldehydes and lemon, with middle notes of carnation, lilac, jasmine, and others. Base notes include cinnamon, musk, vetiver and cedar. It’s the perfect spicy and floral combination!

Chloe. Chloe was first introduced in 2007. It’s the perfect mature, but still casual scent. It’s complexity comes from blends of rose, amber, lily of the valley, magnolia and a cedar wood base. The perfect afternoon wear, Chloe is best for dates outdoors and a casual meeting with friends.

Ciara. Ciara was created by Revlon in 1973. Often described as a merry scent, Ciara is a breezy mix of lemon, neroli and bergamot at it’s top. Middle notes are more floral with jasmine, iris, ylang-ylang and palisander.

Cinnabar. Cinnabar is a popular choice from Estee Lauder. New York Magazine ranked it as the best vintage perfume. Cinnabar was created in 1978 and one of the reasons why the experts still love the fragrance is warm, but mysterious. It’s a spicy scent with top notes of jasmine, orange flower and tangerine; middle notes include clove, muguet and lily; at it’s base Cinnabar has notes of Olibanum, sandalwood and patchouli.

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