Tuesday, February 7, 2017

10 Awesome New Perfumes for 2017

New Perfumes 2017
2017 may be the year that is the most bold in fragrance history. Lots of striking scents are being released this year. Here are a few of our favorite picks for best new perfume this year:

1. Miu Miu. This version of the valley-centric Miu Miu scent is much lighter and airy. The original was more lily infused, but this new version is the perfect choice for spring or summer.

2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne. Speaking of spring, you'll love this scent around Easter. It offers a mix of red apple, jasmine, rose, and peonies, a very popular spring flower. You'll even notice hints of blush suede and gillyflower.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Cypress. Velvet Cypress is expected to be released sometime in March. It's a good unisex scent, masculine but light and fresh. Notes of Italian Cypress and Sicilian lemon takes you straight to the Mediterranean.

4. Ex Nihilo. Ex Nihilo will be a great fragrance for the late spring and summer months. With it's pink grapefruit and peach you'll think you're at an ocean-side resort. But it offers contrast as well with pink pepper berries and woody notes.

5. SJP STASH Eau de Parfum. From Sarah Jessica Parker's popular collection Stash offers notes of grapefruit zest, black pepper, ginger lily and sage. It's the perfect new date night scent.

6. Commodity Rain. If you want a scent that is light and airy Commodity Rain is your best choice in 2017. The name says it all, if you love that “after it rains” feel outdoors, you'll love Commodity Rain. It combines lotus, dew, verbena and jasmine, to make it feel like you're walking in a garden after a shower.

7. Clean Reserve from Sephora. Clean Reserve offers aromas of ginger, fig, lemon, mint and mandarin. It's a good spring scent with some depth. It's another great choice for date night, or staying in when there's food involved.

8. Escada Agua del Sol.  Escada Agua del Sol is wonderfully fruity. It is a limited edition scent, so act fast! Escada Agua del Sol combines mandarin, apricot nectar and sandalwood. It's the perfect choice for a day at the beach!

9. Pinrose Campfire Rebel. Pinrose Campfire Rebel is one of the most affordable scents to make the list, but doesn't skimp on quality. It's a great “cozy” scent smelling of fresh air and pine. It infuses pinrose, vanilla bourbon and burning wood that is a great day to day fragrance.

10. Creed Aventus for Her. Creed Aventus for Her is empowerment meets sweet. It's a luxury scent and the perfect fruity meets floral fragrance.

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