Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Keeping Skin Soft in the Winter

skin soft in winter
Winter does a lot of damage to our skin. In most places in the United States the temperatures and humidity fall to levels that will dry out your skin. Cold weather, blowing winds, and even drier indoor humidity levels all combine to wreak havoc on your skin. But there are options to battle back against the terror of winter, to give your skin the care it deserves.

There are things you can do around the house to keep your skin healthy in the winter. One of the reasons why the air is so dry in your home is because heating systems blow a lot of dry air into the home. You can put moisture back into your home during the winter by investing in a humidifier. Put a humidifier in your bedroom and you can wake up with beautiful, hydrated skin every morning.

Typically skin becomes dry in areas where oils are the least present. So keeping your skin as oily as possible when you wash is the easiest way to avoid dry skin in the winter. Hot showers and baths are a great way to warm up in the winter, but hot water will remove more oils. Instead, when washing your hands and face, opt for luke warm water for optimal hydration.

If you have dry skin try to exfoliate as much as you need it. Use a gentle body scrub in the winter. Typically exfoliating a few times each week (no more than four times) should be plenty. You should also hydrate your body, much like you do in the summer. We drink less water in the winter because hotter beverage options are more popular (for obvious reasons). But your skin needs hydration internally as well. So opt for a little enhanced water with lemon to keep your skin healthy.

Creams are a very popular way to keep your skin soft during the winter months. Thicker formulas are needed because they will bind to the skin and hold in water better than lighter creams. We offer several different hydrating options for your skin, for men and women. Our natural hand and body lotions are the perfect option for winter and you won't have any greasy feeling. You'll also have dozens of designer type fragrances to choose from.

Those are just a few of our tips to keep your skin soft and hydrated this winter! Comment here, or on our Facebook page and let us know your tips for keeping your skin healthy during the cold months.