Wednesday, July 5, 2017

8 Favorite Lipstick Shades

Best Lipstick Shades
For many women lipstick is the only makeup must. National Lipstick Day is coming up later this month (July 29th) and in honor of celebrating all-things lipstick we're highlighting a few of our favorite shades to help you pick out the best shade for your lips!

1. Dior Addict in Riviera by Dior. The perfect color for summer! Dior's orangey red color has both warm and cool undertones, so it works well for most complexions.

2. Audacious Lipstick - Anita by NARS. InStyle voted this shade as its "Best Lipstick 2017" and for good reason. Audacious is satiny and seductive. Perfect lipstick shade for date nights.

3. Desert Suede by Dose of Colors. Looking for the perfect fall shade? Think Desert Suede. It's an expensive looking shade for about $18, which makes it one of our best buys as well!

4. Burnt Orange by Marc Jacobs. If this summer is all about brighter formulas, Marc Jacobs' Brunt Orange is going to be the hot, cool trend the rest of the year. It's not as vibrant as most orange shades, but it's subtle and just as necessary.

5. Amorous by MAC Cosmetics. Amorous is one of the most popular lipstick shades by MAC. It's formulated to showcase the lips and is a popular pick by most people with darker skin tones.

6. Saint by Limecrime. An L.A. based cosmetics retailer, Limecrime has gained national attention with Saint. It's so bold it will take your breath away. With its cranberry shade, Saint is a must to make a statement. And Limecrime makes all vegan, cruelty free cosmetics.

7. Velour Lovers Lip Colour by Laura Mercier. Pick your favorite shade! Velour Lovers gives you lots of options and all work the best in the spring.

8. Coral Pink In Matte. It's a general shade that you can find by most cosmetics. We wanted to highlight this general shade as a great choice for the fair-skinned. It will give you a natural look and is a great choice if you're fair-skinned and looking for an everyday shade.

So flaunt your favorite color this July 29th to celebrate National Lipstick Day, or use a new shade to make a bold statement. For more beauty tips and to view all of our personal care items follow Scents Unlimited on Pinterest!