Monday, September 4, 2017

Perfume Glossary: Amarige-Angel Innocent

Perfume Glossary
We’re continuing our look at some of our popular discount fragrances that we offer, with a description of the original names. Note: All names and copyrights are property of the original owner. However we encourage you to try our version. We bet you don’t notice a difference!

Amarige. Amarige is French for “Mariage,” and this perfume is aptly named. Think of the most beautiful flower you’ve ever smelled, and that is Amarige. It’s intense, but happy and breezy. It’s flowery notes are created of mimosa, neroli, tuberose, gardenia and acacia with a gourmand hint of black currant. There’s also a woody base of amber, musk and sandalwood that gives this perfume it’s warm feeling.

Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace by Philosophy is a citrusy blend of orange, grapefruit and bergamot. Sub notes include jasmine and rose. And at it’s base, Amazing Grace is musky. Reminiscent of Envy by Gucci, this is a great fragrance for warmer climates and seasons.

Amor Amor. Amor Amor by Cacharel was created by Laurent Bruyere in 2003. Bruyere left this world in 2008, at just 43 years old. It’s amazing to think of the work he did in his short life, the pinnacle, in our opinion is Amor Amor. Bruyere developed the scent with Dominique Ropion as an ode to young love. Amor Amor is floral, fruity with notes of nectar. The main notes are very citrusy (pink grapefruit, blood orange and mandarin), however you’ll love how well the citrus works with other vanilla notes.

Anais Anais. Anais Anais was the first perfume ever developed by Cacharel, in 1978. This white floral fragrance has stood the test of time and lasted almost four decades as one of the most popular fragrances for its fresh, ultra-feminine appeal. Think of Anais Anais as a romantic bouquet of flowers. It’s an intensive floral blend led by orange blossom and complimented perfectly by a blend of sweet rose, delicate white lily and jasmine.

Angel. Angel is a perfume by French designer Thierry Mugler. Sexy and glamorous, Angel is an Oriental vanilla fragrance, created by Mugler in 1992. It’s romantic while being uplifting, rather than subtle and sexy. Angle features sweet coconut and flowery jasmine opening that drifts into a heart of yummy honey before a spicy finish of patchouli and bergamot.

Angel Innocent. Angel Innocent is an updated version of Angel by Mugler. Introduced by Mugler in 1999, Angel Innocent is the perfect daytime spritz. While the original Angel is wonderful for date-night, Angel Innocent is the perfect perfume for the modern working woman. Angel Innocent features an intriguing mix of honey and fresh almonds combined with exotic fruits and a rich musk and amber scent.

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