Friday, November 18, 2016

Best New Perfumes of 2016

We may be calling it a little early, but 2016 is nearly complete and it's time to look back. Within the last few months some of the best new perfumes in 2016 have been released. And there's a lot of them to sort through. This year we've seen dozens of new additions to the fragrance market and the choices can seem endless. If you're looking for the best of the best new perfumes to wear during the winter, we've sorted through them and have a few favorites:

Agonist Floralust was released back in May, and was the perfect perfume to kick off the summer season. It's a unisex fragrance that pays homage to “the beauty of flowers.” It includes jasmine, freesia and magnolia in its bouquet of flowers. Agonist Parfums is from Sweeden and they have a reputation for being truly unique with their blends.

Clinique Aromatics Black Cherry was introduced back in June. It's a fragrance for woman that is a throwback flanker to the Aromatic Elixir released back in 1971. According to Clinique's release Aromatics Black Cherry is a decadent scent with a “wealth of rare florals.” If you love exotic spices you'll love this fragrance.

Laura Biagiotti Roma Passione & Roma Passione Uomo were a duo released in late September. Roma Passione is fruity and floral. It was developed with pink grapefruit, tangerine, vanilla, black currents, rose, jasmine, amber, tonka bean and musk. Roma Passione Uomo is a nod to spicy oriental with notes of coffee, cardamom, amber wood and other deep scents.

Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Dare is another flanker scent, that was released this October. It's flanker, Scandalous was very popular and Victoria’s Secret has improved on it with a sexy new twist. Scandalous Dare has some very welcoming florals and offers a vibrant alternative. You'll love the tuberose and jasmine.

Avon Prima is our most recent favorite, just hitting the markets in November. Avon Prima is getting rave reviews in the dance community, with American Ballet's Courtney Lavine as its face. It's designed to celebrate female strength and resilience, inspired by ballet dance. It opens with notes of lush plum and balances that sweetness with bergamot. You'll also enjoy the woody notes from clearwood, oak moss and patchouli. It's warm and graceful, the perfect new scent for the fall and winter months.

Those are a few of our favorite new perfumes this year. Don't forget to also check out our discount perfumes to save on some of your favorite scents! Do you have your own? Tell us about it by commenting here or on our Facebook page!

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