Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Best Scents for Work

scents for work
We've all been in that office with a co-worker who decides how the entire room is going to smell that day. When working in an office the scent you choose may decide who you get along with. Also, what you wear may impact your work. There are several scents that are perfect for the work week that will help you maintain a professional appeal in the office, while making you more productive.

Lavender and jasmine perfumes will be more welcome than any other in the office. In fact your co-workers may love you for it! Lavender and jasmine are two of the most popular scents that some offices use to make their workers more productive. It's because both scents have calming properties that help people manage their stress levels. Lavender has also been shown to treat headaches.

Citrus scents are also good choices to wear in the office. Scents that highlight lemons, oranges or other citrus fruit help fight mental exhaustion. They also help perk people up, making them feel more refreshed, and more alert. Aside from perfumes, citrus blends are a great option for essential oils in the office during the cold and flu season. Just the aroma is enough to help keep people feeling bright and upbeat.

There are also specific perfumes that you can seek out to make sure you don't stand out in the office. One of our favorites to wear in the office is Amber Splash by Marc Jacobs. It's a great choice for the office, or anywhere, during fall months. Amber Splash is a mature blend of amber, cinnamon, cashmere wood and other outdoorsy notes. It's a cool fragrance that won't overpower a room.

When choosing a perfume to wear in the office, make sure you find something that won't leave a trail. Subtle scents are always appropriate in the workplace. One great option is Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely. Lovely is subtle while exuding power. It's a blend of nectarine and bergamot with rosewood for a slight intimate edge.

If there is one person who understands how to create a scent appropriate for the office, it's mogul Donna Karan. That's her inspiration behind Cashmere Mist. Chasmere Mist is a powdery, floral type scent that includes jasmine we mentioned above. It's light fragrance is also made from a mix of sandalwood and vanilla notes.

Acqua di Gioia by Girogio Armani is another great choice for a perfume to wear in the office. Acqua di Gioia works well in a professional setting because of its delicate sweetness. It's very citrus-infused with a sugary presence that may make some of your co-workers reach for the candy jar a little more often!

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