Sunday, June 11, 2017

Best Scents for Dates

Best Scents for Dates
There's no doubt that scent plays a significant role in the rules of attraction. Whether it's a first date or your 100th, you want to smell your best. What you wear may depend on the type of date you're going on. But one thing is certain, finding the right scent to bring out your natural pheromones will make sure that your date will come back for more!

Believe it or not, science has studied what scents men like. According to those studies, men love sugary scents that smell sweet, but not sour. So the best fragrances you should be wearing are those rich is fruity notes. We have a few original fragrances, like Cool Citrus, or Pomegranate Mango that would be the perfect spritz before you head out on the town.

The location of your date should dictate the scent you choose. If you are going to a public place, like a sporting event, play or indoor concert you should opt for a more subtle scent. Anything with softer floral notes are usually the best options. A lavender scent or even vanilla keeps that sweet smell guys love, without overpowering a room.

If you're going on a date in an open area, like the beach or park for a picnic, you have more options to be bold. Remember if you're going to the beach, less is more since you'll be wearing suntan lotion. But a nice spritz of an apple scent is a great way to grab the attention of your date. Feel free to use more if your beach trip is a nighttime walk, rather than an all-day event.

If you are going on a romantic dinner date Curve is one of the best scents to wear in a restaurant. It won't overpower the smells of a romantic dinner, either. Curve is full of sensual florals which is perfect for a restaurant setting. Glamorous by Ralph Lauren is another great option for a date night involving food because of its rare and beautiful flowers like arum lily, tuberose and ginger.

Staying in for a romantic night? If you're having a night in with your significant other you should be as bold as you want to be. Show your man/woman who you are by being yourself. Romantic nights in are perfect to throw out all the advice and go with your favorite fragrance. If you are just getting to know someone, you'll want to let them know who you are. And how you smell is a part of your personality!

Scents Unlimited has the perfect scent options for your date night, at a fraction of the cost, without a loss in quality. Before your date, browse our store online for the best scent for your night out. For more information and beauty tips, follow us on Facebook.

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