Wednesday, April 6, 2016

6 Beauty Tips to Ignore

beauty tips
Each week on Tuesday we post something on Facebook called #BeautyTipTuesday. It's designed to give you some pointers on how to improve your beauty regimen. But not all beauty tips are created equal. Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Here's a few beauty tips that we think you should ignore:

Water helps your skin glow. Drinking water is very important for a number of reasons, however hydration will not help your skin glow. A dermatologist in San Francisco found that your skin does not react to water, no matter how much you drink.

Plucking eyebrows above your arch ruins its shape. The general rule is you should only pluck hairs below your eyebrow arch and let beauty experts take care of the top. Yes, you can have uneven eyebrows if you are plucking above the arch, however it's not impossible for a novice to do. Use a brow pencil to fill the exact shape you want and pluck hairs outside the lines.

Don't wear red if you have red hair. Red heads get the brunt of beauty criticisms for some reason. The common theme is red heads should never wear red lipstick. This is a widely-criticized rule, and we're very happy that red heads have started to ignore this tip. If you are a red head you can find the right shade of red lipstick if you look for classic shades that have warm tones.

Brushes are the only option for putting on makeup. Applying your foundation and eyeshadow with your fingers are fine. In fact fingers help warm up the product which gives you a more natural result.

Bold shouldn't be paired with bold. You are supposed to pick one feature of your face to play up, right? Wrong! Embrace your eyes and lips with bold shades. Most makeup artists agree that pairing a bold eye with a bold lip creates a dynamic look for you that's perfect for a night out on the town.

Brush your hair often to keep it healthy. Yes, this rule works for certain hair types. But if you have curly hair you probably already know that brushing it while it is dry can lead to nightmares, and pain. If you have curly or wavy hair you should use a wide tooth comb in the shower to untangle your hair.

These are just a few beauty tips we think you should ignore! Are there trends or “rules” that you choose to ignore that we left off this list? Share your thoughts with a comment here or on our Facebook page!

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